najeebmFr. Najeeb MICHAEEL op

Dialogue, such a beautiful word, that I consider it as an Icon for communication
among the people of this amazing planet, it is not just words, but in fact it is
multipurpose language that’s used among (creatures, people & civilizations).

The main characteristics of an effective & positive dialogue: is the way of
equilibrium in between the speaker and the listener, in addition to that, the
acceptance of the differences of cultural views, and the freedom of each, and
every point of view, from all sides.

The clashes among the cultures as well as the civilizations that we all see in this
world recently; it is all because of disrespectful acts by the people & the decision
makers, whom cannot accept the privacy of each deferent side.

Each civilization has a specific heritage which is considered as an identification for
it, such as (ideology, art, constructions, the way of evolution, and the way of
serving humanity).

Mesopotamia. (the country between the two rivers {Tigris & Euphrates}, it was
the cradle of civilizations and the source of languages in addition to the inventions
of so many things used as a source of prosperity all over the word till this

So the Sumerians, Acadians, Assyrians, Babylonians & Chaldeans have used the
first and earliest form of writing named as: cuneiform witting, in addition to the
methods of teaching, as well as the earliest form of rules (the Stele of Hammurabi
and that was in the 18th century B.C) , it was consisting of 282 articles of law and it
was not only dedicated for human affairs… but it was used also for the rights of
the animals… what I would like to say: is that the rights of both humans &
animals, in addition to many other thing for the prosperity of life, were found in
that area 1000s of years ago, ( in addition to that: our Sumerian grandfathers
created so many things to serve the human and make the heart of humanity feel
the joy, and one of the nicest inventions was the invention of the first kind of

So, at this moment… look with me, to what is happening, for the same cradle of
civilizations. It has been become: a land of clash, a land of violence, a land of mass
cemetery for the innocent people, as well as to the original people of this area. In
addition to that it has ben become a land of a cemetery for the oldest religions
such as Yezidies , Zoroastrians , Mazdians, Jews, Mandians and Christians.

So, I am terribly sorry to see and say, that the cradle who gave birth to the most
ancient religions, is same cradle who’s annihilating those religions. Such as
Yezidies , Zoroastrians, Mazdians, Jews, Mandians and Christians.

It is imperative for me to show the importance of building bridges, and paths
among the cultures, religions and the mind sets of the different people. So as to
live together in harmony & peace.

In spite of the terrible status of Iraq & Syria today, in addition to the other
unstable counties around the world, … we are still able to find hope and to
rebuilt what’s been destroyed, by creating a bridges of communications among
the social fabric of such countries.

So. One of the most important solutions that we can use against the weapons of
mass destruction used by the decision makers of this world, as well as the
weapons that’s been used by the extremist groups of violence such as ISIS……. We
are able to fight all of this, and stand against it, by creating hope ,… Planting seeds
of love & forgiveness among the people, supporting the future generation by
educating the children with the teachings of how to love each other, and live with
each other, how to respect each other, and how to help each other so as to
protect their heritage with harmony, because they will be forming, the bright
future, of our countries. (this what I call: anti ISIS cure)

The world was suffering from the mass destruction of the decision makers, whom
were only answering to nothing but their will of domination, dictatorship and
tyranny, for ex: what has been made in the second world war by the Nazis
against the Jews and what has happened 100 years ago for the Armenian & other
Christians… they have been facing a huge genocide by the ottoman Empire…it has
been repeated again recently… for the minorities of Iraq & Syria.

But my dears… there are many things that we all have to take in consideration….

I would want to say that it is way more dangerous above all, when you see the
violence is considered as an essential thing to be conducted against innocent
people by some terrorist groups claiming that, what they are doing is a command
from the sky.

We must prevent & stand against whoever tries to deprive the personal freedom
of the others, because it is not logically accepted to create a deprival for the other
side, and not to show respect to the others because this will create what’s meant
by chaos.

The harmony of living with each other in a perfectly beautiful way is to accept &
respect the differences of each other, as if it is portrayed as one family,… they are
different, and they, complete each other. we can see this harmony as a picture of
Mosaic that contains so many deferent shapes & colors so as to give the perfect
meaning of harmony.

… as the world saw the violence of ISIS and the genocide work that’s been
conducted against the Christians and Yazaidis, as well as the other minorities of
Mosul and Ninevah valley – Iraq, we have realized a very important thing,… and
we have been able to rescue the people & their heritage, as if we are saving the
tree alongside with its roots.

In fact… that what has happened at that time, many 1000s of Christian heritage
books and manuscripts as well as human souls have been saved from the
barbarism of ISIS.

today the land of Kurdistan- north of Iraq, have been become the green land
that welcomed people from deferent believes such as the Christian, yazidis ,
shabak , Turkmen, Sabian mandains as well as the kakyee, failee in addition to
the Sunni and Shea’a. so because of that, we are able to live in this area due to
the powerful law that protects all of the people who live in this area…..
From this place… I am calling all of the decision makers and the governments, so
they can work for the purpose of protecting the human rights, by making
amendments for their constitutional laws in a positive way, …. A way that helps all
of the poor and weak countries, A way that helps to create a respectful harmony
among the nations… From this, we can see one of the main bridges of help &

As a personal experience, I have seen that there is a beautiful possibility for all of
the people to live together. and that’s because I have noticed that the yazidis are
able to live in harmony with the Christian people in the same refugee camps
without any problem in Erbil – Iraq .Due to the peaceful teachings of those two
religions. Which concentrate on a peaceful conversation rather than imposing the
ideology with force…. They are eating together, playing together, sharing the
same place, as well as singing & dancing together.

In my opinion: the real dialogue has to be based on the positivity of all sides to
reach out the point of how to create a wonderful future together, and to care
about humanity more than the differences (religious or believes).

And in fact, this would be the way of creating positive future…. Future of harmony
…. Future of love …. Future of respect.

As a conclusion, we must take care about the human just because he\she is a
human, and not to look at their backgrounds,… so the people should be seen for
their deeds, …and not to be seen or punished for their believes.

We have to take in consideration that we have a huge challenge, … which is: we
have to work together as one hand so as to free the close minded people or the
people who became a prisoners of negative ideology… this is the key of the main
door which it will open so many beautiful doors for us in order to create the
bridges of humanity for everyone, with hope, respect & love.
Finally, I want to say:

« I believe that the last word will be for peace & not for sword. »

Thanks, for listening.


October 3rd-4th\ 2016 in Buenos Aires – Argentina